Thursday, December 6, 2007

I am Legend

Trailer (Opens 12/14)

Ah yes. It is time for the movie of the year. I am Legend stars Will Smith in a remake of 1971's Omega man. Now, I got VERY excited when I heard someone say this, but it ends up that I misheard, and they will NOT be making a remake of "Mega Man." Granted, I was confused when I heard about this because I didn't know how they would decide which Mega Man game to make into a movie. They had about Mega Man 1 through 20 to pick from.

Then I thought about how hard it would be to turn Mega Man into a movie, and realized it would be darn near impossible. You know how Jack Bauer has to kill like 4 underlings in order to get to the main guy at the end, and each time you think you got the main guy but it really wasn't? (It always ends up being God's fault) Well, this happens in every game of Mega Man. Each game has about 8 bosses and they are all wicked talented. They all have special talents that they are named after. My personal favorite was DustMan. He was good at collecting dust or something. He was awesome.

Ah, but out of my dreamland and back to I am Legend. The synopsis reads:

"Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist, but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable…and manmade. Somehow immune,"-- Hold the phone... You just said it was unstoppable, incurable, and manmade, and then you told me someone was immune. I don't get it.

Oh yippee, and aren't we lucky that the last man on earth is a brilliant scientist?!?! Imagine if we got left we Paris Hilton or Howard Stern (One would do nothing, and the other would do anything including but not limited to zombies and animals).

Anyways, this movie got me thinking. Imagine this scenario:

You get bumped into by strange man on the street who drops his watch. You pick it up and try to chase him, but he is walking too fast. You follow him down an ally and watch him jump into a dumpster. Naturally, you follow and blam! You are transported to the dark ages.

Now, here is the question. How many inventions could you recreate? I am stupid. I watch TV, listen to my IPOD, and play on my computer and I guarantee that I would be one of the idiots dumping my pale of poop out onto the street and into the same water I would be DRINKING from later. I couldn't invent anything! I would be a bigger loser back then than I am now. Tomorrow, I am making a transistor radio.

We are all worthless space holders. (some bigger than others)

Yuck.. Better hurry before I puke.....

I will probably go see this movie. I expect the character interactions to be even better than Tom Hanks and Wilson in Castaway.

you guys have the best blog ever! :) ...minus the picture with the HUGE fat guy!
I'm confused ... What did the Dark Ages have to do with your assessment of this movie?

And, man, I like the beard, Torch. But you have really let yourself go.

I at least put underwear on before blogging.
i'm pretty impressed with your reference to mega man. However, I do not believe that you even played the game.. let alone beat all the bosses.

Also, I think your diet is working really well. You look good. Is that a new computer? Less brief, MORE BEEF!
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