Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grace is Gone

Trailer (Opens 12/7)

I have decided that we don't give away enough free stuff on this site. So here is a trivia question. The winner will take home one free hour of private drum lessons (by me) on Rockband.

What was the last decent movie that John Cusack was in?

A.) Martian Child

B.) Must Love Dogs

C.) Runaway Jury

D.) The Ice Harvest

And the answer is FALSE.... None of these movies are good... The reason why you haven't seen a good movie with John Cusack is because you were probably like 14 when his last good (possibly great) one came out. Yup, I was 14 when High Fidelity came out, which meant I could not go out and see it in the theaters. This left me to believe that John Cusack's best movie was Serendipity until I was in college and was taught differently by my dorm mate. He also showed me this HORRIBLE movie with heroin, speed, gameshows, dildos and other weird stuff. More like Requiem for a NIGHTMARE....

No good movies since 2000! Johny, you need a new agent. Call Me! Use a phone... Don't come to my house with a boombox... thanks...

It's ok though... The great thing about Hollywood is that you can make one good movie and then make boring sappy romantic comedies for 8+ years. Cusack is due for a good movie. I can feel it. Sadly, this is NOT that movie. It looks so promising too, but come along with me and I will show you why the only good thing about this movie for Cusack is that it is in limited release, and only pretentious people will go see it...

Title- Grace is Gone. Hmm.. I like the alliteration. I feel it could have been stronger with a little bit more. Possibly "Grace Gets Gone", or "Grumpy Grace is Gone."

I also wish that the title gave up a little less of the movie. No one likes a girl that gives it up on the first date (wait... nevermind). Grace is gone leaves no room for my mind to turn. Now, with a title like "Grace Might Be Gone", I am intrigued. I want to know, "Is she gone? Why is she gone? What are the consequences of her being gone?" I feel like this title traps my imagination.

Synopsis- Let me break this movie down for you very quickly.

Soldier( John Cusack) can't fight in the war because of bad eyesight. They turn people down because of eyesight? Do you even have to be literate to be in the army?

Soldier's wife (Grace) is still in the war as a Sergeant. They won't let a man with bad vision fight, but they let a WOMAN fight? Isn't that the biggest handicap of all?

Man struggles at home to raise 2 daughters. Um.... okay....

Wife Dies. This doesn't come as a shock if you read the title

Man does not tell his daughters that their mother is dead. Great... The audience has known the wife is dead since they bought their movie ticket, and you aren't even going to tell your daughters?

Man takes kids on road trip. Huh? Did I walk into a Tom Green, or possibly even worse, Ice Cube movie?

Man takes children to the place they want to go the most. Oh, I get it. He wants to get them to a really happy high point in life so that when he hits them with the bad news their emotional drop won't be as bad... wait... nevermind... He is an idiot.

Man bonds with daughters. Yup, cause it is easy to bond with your daughters once you know that your wife is dead. It puts you in a mood that any daughter is sure to love.

Man tells daughters their mother is dead. I am not sure about this part, but he has to right? He can't not tell them. They respond calmly, "Dad, it is ok. This whole road trip bonding thing really prepared us for the most traumatic information we could possibly receive in life. Thanks for softening the blow."

The End

Conclusion- The only thing more dead than Grace is John Cusack's career.....

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