Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Golden Compass

Trailer (Opens 12/7)
Ah, controversy. How I love thee.......

The Church is angry, and why not? In the last 5 years or so the Church has been spoiled with the making of movies. With both The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia being made in film form, movies with Christian/Catholic undertones have been prevalent over the last couple of Christmases. This, the Church is ok with.....

Now though, Hollywood has gone and done it. They chose a book that not only does not have religious undertones, but it actually shows negative feelings about the Church. I know what you are thinking.... "There are people with negative feelings towards the Church? Don't they know they are going to hell?" I know it is shocking, but yes, apparently there are these people. As for their final destination I can not speak, but what I do know is that God has not smited (directly) any Harry Potter movie-goers. (and they are definitely going to the bad place because Dumbledore was gay and they all like him.)

" I want you...... to be gay"

Just listen to this quote from the Catholic League President....

"The protest is this: It's being done at Christmastime, and when parents don't find the film troubling, they're going to buy the books for their kids as Christmas gifts. They're doing it through the back door, in a stealth fashion....."

Seriously, the only thing more alarming than this Catholic guy's use of the phrase "back door" is the problem this book poses to our children. You fill in the blank.

If kids like the movie and buy the book they will learn to ________.

a.) Read

b.) Think

C.) Question

D.) Burn in Hell

If you answered D, you should spend more time stopping Britney from breaking into your confessionals and less time bashing books that no one is forcing you to see the movie adaptation of (although I do appreciate the warning).

The Church has a legit point in that they want to warn people that this movie trilogy may become darker. The book does have an anti-religion view, and the author did set out to write the anti-Narnia, but is this really what is bugging the church?

Personally I think the real reason why the Church is so angry is because of the use of the polar bear. This polar bear is definitely trying to upset the balance of the food chain. All good church-goers know that Aslan the lion is the most powerful animal that does not exist. Lets take a look at their stats.

Aslan- This lion is definitely king of the jungle and Narnia. Not only can he speak, fly, and kick serious butt, but he can also raise from the dead. His trainer had this to say about Aslan, "I think the best thing is that he never lets the fame get to his head. He is a humble guy. He isn't rolling with an entourage or waiving guns at hoes in clubs. He is quality."

Polar Bear- Beneath his "pure white" image, this polar bear is one crazy bear foe. Like Aslan, the bear can talk, but unlike Aslan the polar bear boasts protective armor on his head, and torso. Polar bear's trainer was quite defensive when we asked him about the bears poor public image, " Yah, polar bear has a bad image. They caught him eating that poor walrus ( yikes.... how much blood is in a walrus?) and everything went downhill from there. He has a good bear under there somewhere."

I'll leave it up to you to decide who will win, but here is a prior match up (bear vs. lion) that you might be interested in while you wait for the movie to drop.

We need to set up this fight... Too bad Michael Vick is in jail.

Christians.... they are so protective of their young..
Christians are appropriately concerned about this film. Narnia and LOTR were not made to bash atheism, but to tell a good story, regardless of the Christian undercurrents. As with the Compass, however, the author and filmmakers directly assault religion, Christianity in particular. Pullman himself said "I am of the Devil's party.' I read the books and enjoyed them as a good story, but young moldable kids viewing a story of the murdering of God is despicable.

There is no comparison to Narnia and Compass. The former is a story with Christian allegorical-like components. Compass is a head on assault, a battle against the Christian faith and against God. Pullman admitted it, the filmmakers are filming it, and the message is war.
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